Sunday, November 20, 2011


Cardigan thrifted, T-shirt wet seal, Skirt forever 21, Shoes forever 21, Belt old navy, Bangles various

So it is freezing here and you can probably tell from these pictures. My rosy nose and clenched fists is what gives me away I think.
But here is another one of my purchases from my thrift store shopping trip. I am keeping tabs on all the things that I bought. You can see the first, second and third items at these links.
I loved the gold threading in this cardigan and its bright red color. It was too festive to pass up.
I styled it thinking of a blazer and not a cardigan, which for some reason caused more outfits to come to mind with viewing it this way. Its crazy what certain thinking can do for you!
We are enjoying ourselves in Canada very much! It is so great to be with close friends, especially having not seen them for so long. Chris is doing amazing sharing at their church and I love seeing him come alive in his dreams. All in all its a great trip and so we plan to squeeze in as much as we can in these last few days that we are here.
Hope you all are enjoying slightly warmer climates where you are currently sitting:)

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