Thursday, November 17, 2011


Shirt thrifted, Pants H&M, Shoes thrifted, Watch target, Ring pac sun, Bracelets various

The next two items that I bought while thifting this past weekend are this blue button up and these black suede heels. One of my tricks while shopping this time was bringing a list with me of the items that I was looking for. Otherwise I get distracted and end up spending my money on things that I came in with no intentions of buying. A list keeps me on track and searching for those specific items. Button up's and low black heels were on my wish list this year and I walked away with both of these items for a grand total of three dollars!
It is so fun finding a single item in a store, and then figuring out how you are going to style it. I find that even buying one single item sometimes makes me feel as if my entire wardrobe has grown because I begin to think of all the possible styling ideas and soon past items in my closet become appealing and fresh and new again. So, moral of the story is, its ok to go out shopping and buy a few key items because it will feel as if you have created a whole new wardrobe and might help satisfy that need to go on a shopping spree.
I felt like in this outfit I was channeling the new pajama apparel trend, somehow creating a chic representation of something I would wear to bed. A flouncy shirt and a crisp pair of slacks. I loved how my pants reflected the changing colors around me.
I threw it all together with my bright pink lipstick again. Which also added to the color blocking scheme that was happening as well.
Well this weekend the husband and I are off to Canada. We will be visiting friends and Chris will be doing some speaking at their church. They are wonderful friends of ours whom we haven't seen since our wedding, so it's going to be a very sweet reunion!! I will try to keep updated while in my homeland.
And even though it's not friday yet, it basically is for me, so happy weekend everyone!!

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