Monday, March 10, 2014

My Furry Friend

Jacket vintage (friend's), Pants h&m, Boots cotton on, Purse zara

Walking the streets of New York City in a lush fur coat is a feeling I'll always remember. The regale-ness of it all was uplifting! I felt so chic and edgy, taking the streets like I was a local. I walked proudly as my furry friend blew in the harsh winds...

...and then it hit me, Oh my God, I'm walking around New York City in real fur, is this legal?? Are there animal rights activates waiting for me around the corner, am I going to be mugged or strewn with fake blood?? Aghhh!! Panic hit me for a second and then...
"I LOVE your coat!"
Oh right, I'm in New York City, people love fur, they adore fur, they need it! Ha! No big deal, I'm just a regular local roaming the streets in my furrrrr. I whipped my hair back and continued on my way, fur jacket in tow and my dignity still in tact! Oh if you could have seen me...(see photos above!)

This story was brought to you by my generous friend who graciously lent me her stunning fur coat for my trip...all of this fabulousness would not have been possible without you! And so I thank you!!

Hope you have a regale Monday!
Thanks for reading xx

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