Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Completely Worth It

Coat friends, Necklace friends, Boots old navy, Skirt lulu's, Sweater kohl's, Lips mac-ruby woo

Once again my friend came through with another stunning coat! This one from Paris (gush, gush, gush!) When preparing for this trip I knew that having beautiful coats would be essential because of the ridiculous cold temps. So I squeezed both these coats in my bag and off I went! Completely worth it! I was able to feel confident in my look without having to shed my top layer, which was critical to keep on in any hopes of remaining warm for the rest of the day. I felt so sleek in all black and combining the military boot with the refined jacket was fun!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!


OmbreVogue said...

Love the coat, and your topknot looks great on you!


Lana said...

Thank you OmbreVogue! Its always a good day when a top knot works out just right!!