Monday, September 10, 2012


Shirt target, Necklace target, Pants paige denim, Shoes thrifted, Cuff gift

I had been eying this necklace for some time now, always wondering if I should get it, I kind of liked it but I wasn't quite sure. But then when I saw it go on sale and friend that was with me reassured me that it was a great find I had to snatch it up. It is such a statement that there wasn't much that was needed besides my floral pants. I love its bright red color and the rope makes it feel like an ethnic piece.
Anyways, sorry for the inconsistent posts as of late, our summer has been a busy one, we had so much fun but I am glad to be back to some routine!
Hope you have a good Monday!!
Thanks for reading!!


Nancy said...

I would not normally like a piece like that made from rope, but it's a great piece and especially seeing it modeled!

Lana said...

Thanks Nancy! I know I felt the same way, its a lot different when you can see it on