Thursday, February 23, 2012


Jacket h&m, Shirt ross, Pants pac sun, Shoes gift, Necklace vintage, Watch target, Ring pac sun

When putting this outfit together I originally had on a dark grey cropped blazer. However, with this spring weather that we have been having, it seemed a little lackluster and dull. So I grabbed my jean jacket that felt a little more cheery for the season.
However once seeing the pictures of this outfit, I think that maybe the lengths of the jacket and the shirt underneath are a tad too far apart. I think that this outfit may have worked a little better if  either the jacket was a little longer or the shirt a little shorter.
But hey, its all about trial and error right?!
These shoes on the other hand...are royal blue (sorry, these shadowy pictures don't show them off too well) and are extremely comfortable with their thick heel. Making my endeavor for more heels in my life much more attainable!!

Hope you have a great day.
Thanks for reading!!

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