Monday, January 16, 2012


Turtle Neck target, Pants pac sun, Boots pac sun, Necklace gift, Cuff gift, Bracelets various

Woo, what a dry spell...I'M BACK!!
And because of my lack of photos for the past few weeks I figured I would overload you with a collage of my trip to Canada for the holidays.
So feast your eyes on what went on while I was away, being with family, eating lots of food and enjoying the amazing views of my hometown.
Glad to be back!

Jacket H&M, Boots hunter
Wearing double the red while trying to stay warm while on our winter walk. Mono-chromatic's are my friend! 

Family portrait. Introducing my beautiful siblings and mother. What a great night exploring the Banff Springs Hotel. We are the type of group that pretends that we are guest's of the hotel while we snoop through the hallways trying to find secret passage ways leading to underground tunnels filled with ghosts...cause guests at this hotel do that...right??...Right!! 

Blazer thrifted, Dress costa blanca, Boots pac sun, Earrings nordstrom, Bag aldo

It was a dress up night for our family, we went out for drinks in the lounge of the beautiful hotel in our neighboring town. It was faa-reezing outside so wearing this blazer was ideal, keeping me warm and because space in our suitcase was limited I didn't bring a plethora of shoes (which tends to be my default) and so these boots worked double time and went great with my dressy outfit!!

Family portrait number two.
When my family hears the words "dress up" we tend to gravitate towards black outfits...can you tell? Unfortunately Chris didn't take me seriously when I told him this when we were packing and so he was the star of our family portrait show!! Lookin good Chris!!

Shirt ross, Skirt forever 21, Belt sister's

Happy New Year!! Our night was filled with family and great food, always a good way to bring in the new year! 

One of the many times I looked up at the beautiful mountains around us and just couldn't believe how beautiful this place is. So glad I get to come home to this!
This picture was taken on a cross country skiing adventure that my sister and her boyfriend took Chris and I out on. It was a frustrating, beautiful and laughter filled time. Let's just say it was Chris' first time on any type of ski. Great times!!

Sweater jc penny, Button up jc penny, Jeans urban outfitters, Shoes thrifted, Earrings target

I got these two tops for Christmas. This button up is from the old-er lady section in JC Penny. I love its subtle stripe and pale blue color. It totally looks like its a shirt you borrowed from your mom's closet that she has had for years and yet it still looks cool! Its great how a classic piece can always be in style.

Staying warm in my new H&M extra large scarf...mmm love it! 

Always eating! Such a great thing!  

Shirt thrifted, Button up H&M

Turtle neck target, Shorts kohls, Boots pac sun, Necklace H&M

Some girl time with my mom and sisters the night before we headed back to California. Always filled with laughs when we are all together. Lisa (to my right) is an EMT, studying to be a paramedic and so there are always interesting stories shared, which are heavily encouraged by Faye (to my left) who finds great pleasure in the grossest of stories...well who am I kidding, I don't ever turn away a good story!! Love them and miss them all already!!

Love you Family!! Thanks for taking such great care of Chris and I while we were there! We had a wonderful time and loved the memories that we shared together. Until next time, I will be day dreaming of our next family vacation.

Thanks for reading!!
xoxo Lana

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leah mari said...

What a fun trip! Your adorable :)