Tuesday, January 17, 2012


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One of my Christmas presents this year was the book "The Sartorialist" by Scott Schuman. It is a compilation of photos from the blog, The Sartorialist, where Scott takes pictures of people on the street that inspire him with their style. I am in love with this blog and now with this book. It feels as if I am walking through a big city, watching the different people around me and becoming inspired. What I love most about the people that Scott captures are the ways that they put their outfits together. Some are more complicated than others, but as a whole, they are all unique. They layer their clothing like art and even if they were wearing just a t-shirt and jeans it is done in a thoughtful way.
Another thing that I have noticed about the people that Scott chooses to photograph is that the things that they put together are unusual...in the best possible way. Things that you may not naturally think to put together, and thats what makes it so great, these pictures make you think differently about your wardrobe and the use that you can get out of it.
I also love that not everyone photographed in dressed to the nines or in all designer clothing. You don't have to be wealthy to have style, its about how you present yourself creatively, whatever is inside of you will come out in your style.
I was reading this book before I picked out what I wanted to wear for the day and by the time I walked into my closet, I was inspired to put something together.

We celebrated Chris' birthday yesterday. He turned the big 25!! I got him so good, surprising him with a party at our apartment (woo first party in our place...one of my New Year's resolutions was to have people over more often and throw more parties at our place...feels good to check things off a list) And surprised him with his gift's...It was so much fun spoiling him! It was quoted to possibly be his best birthday yet, SCORE!
So Chris, Happy Birthday again!! I love you so very much, thanks for being my best friend, making me laugh and loving me so much!!
Can't wait to grow old with you!

Thanks for reading!