Thursday, December 1, 2011


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This striped shirt and ballet flats are my next two purchases from my thrift store shop extravaganza. Woo I sure did haul out the motherload!
I bought this beautiful silk stripe top (mostly because my sister in laws reaction was positive) I wasn't quite sure of it right away, but as soon as she started pointing out its features I soon agreed. Its hard to see in these pics (sorry, they were rushed as I was already late for work...) but it is quite a lot longer in the back than in the front, giving it a better fit instead of seeming boxy. It is also 100% silk so that means perfectly flouncy material...mmm I love flouncy! And of course it's striped and I LOVE stripes! Also in my sister's reaction, she mentioned wearing it with some red lips and I did just that and love the combo. Needless to say I am glad I had her with me and I'm so glad to have purchased this shirt, having a total of $1 it was an unlikely option to pass it up anyway.
As for these shoes, I wasn't set out to buy anything like this, but once again, I saw them...they fit...they were $2!!! Wait what?!?!? Yup, and Calvin Klein and a beautiful patent charcoal color, besides, my black pointed ballet flats are becoming a little less I figured it would be a good idea to snag these up.
There's only one more item from my thrift store spree, and I'm still thinking about how I want to style it. But until then, I hope you all have a wonderful thursday!!
P.S. I am going to be performing in the Nutcracker this weekend and next. I am a parent in the opening party scene. I get to wear this old fashioned dress (which reminds me of a night gown that I used to wish I owned, imagining myself going to some kind of's wonderful) with a long train that I hook to my finger as I dance around with my fake husband at our fake christmas party...I sort of feel like I'm straight out of the cast of Pride and Prejudice...(little girly screams!!)

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Fontella Cruz said...

Love this, so glad you bought it! You are gorgeous!