Thursday, December 8, 2011


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So I was mistaken in my last post about my thrift store items. This skirt is my second to last item that I purchased. My last item is my very favorite purchase of the day but I had forgotten about it because it was tucked away to be taken in at the waist...but we will get to that one next time.
As for this skirt, I bought it thinking I'd wear it as a floor length maxi skirt, thinking I could get away with wearing it so low on my hips with a long enough sweater over top to cover up that it was NOT meant to be worn that way...hmm so I fully embraced its actually length today. It is 100% wool...cozy. However, because of that it could come off a little old lady-like so to counter balance that I paired it with a younger, newer top along with lots of jewelry to update it.
I was happy to wear my thrifted heels yet again. They are so perfect and I am so so pleased that I bought them. They have a perfectly low heel and yet are enough of a heel to elongate my leg, helping me to avoid any frumpy-ness. Which is what this skirt also needs, I think flat shoes would have only supported the granny look.
Hope you all are getting in the Christmas mood as the days are getting closer and closer!!
Have a happy Thursday!!

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