Friday, November 25, 2011


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I hope you all had a great thanksgiving, here are some snapshots from my instagram of our festive evening.
1. I got these leather shorts from Kohl's. I saw their taupe color and was instantly in love. They ended up being $15 marked down from $50, all because of my couponing skills and convincing the sales lady to combine the multiple offers that I had found in the mail. I will always claim my discount shopping as pure talent!
2. My mother in law set the thanksgiving table with such class and beauty as usual. Made me feel at home with all the decor in place for the evening.
3. I made my "famous" baked brie. (I guess I can count it as famous since I've been asked to make it at the last three fancy family events at the in law's house.) It feels good to have my cooking wanted...I'm moving up in the home maker world.
4. Me and the lovely hubby. He is so fashionable, my greatest accessory. Ha, just kidding hun, I love you!

1. Here my beautiful sister in law and I am. She is such a talented make up artist! Here I am trying out a nude lip that she let me borrow, I have become a huge fan, it's definitely going on my Christmas list. (p.s. our family has come to the realization of making our christmas lists on, making it so easy to shop online and catalog the items that I find while browsing the web)
2. The treats for the evening. My favorite picks were the banana cream pie and of course the classic pumpkin pie. I swear I might be alright just enjoying the desserts during the and my sweet tooth.
3. Um ok, this little guy might just be the most stylish 1 month old I ever saw. His mommy and daddy dressed him up so good...perhaps an entire segment needs to be dedicated to him.
4. Proud aunty of my handsome nephew.

Happy Black Friday everone!!

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