Monday, September 5, 2011


Shirt target, Shorts casta blanca, Shoes rite-aid, Sunglasses von zipper, Ring aldo

Today Chris and I purged our closet and cleaned out a bunch of stuff...literally! Our closet was festering with just a bunch of STUFF!! I finally got rid of clothes that had been sitting in my closet un-worn for over a year!! YIKES! And it felt so great, we kept walking by the closet oo-ing and aw-ing over our job well done!!
We then kicked back and rewarded ourselves with a movie. We went to see Super 8, which was so fun.
I pulled out this button up from my closet during the clean, I had forgotten how I liked the colors and the fit.
I felt casual yet cute today and thanks to my sunnies, there was no need for make-up, hallelujah! 

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leah mari said...

Oh I love that feeling!! And it's fits you super cute