Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Shirt thrifted, Shorts H&M, Belt old navy, Shoes forever 21, Cuff gift, Earrings forever 21, Necklace world market

I found this shirt in our closet raid yesterday, it was hidden with the rest of my clothes that I had been planning on sewing or fixing. My intention was to turn it into a tank top...but time got away from me and when I found it again I realized that it might work as a regular t-shirt as well. I like the diamond print and the flowy silky material. Tucking it in helped the shape of the shirt, as it is a little boxy and short. And a little gold jewelry helped make it not so bland.
These shorts used to be my little brother in-law's pants. Guys pants are worn lower so on girls they turn high waisted. Luckily he was a similar waist size as me and so they fit great on top and because the pant was a little too baggy cutting them into shorts made them work perfect! Its good to be thrifty!

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