Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Shirt forever 21, Shorts casta blanca, Shoes forever 21, Nails essie mint candy apple

Usually referred to as the Canadian tuxedo, I am sporting the jean on jean look. I have been eying this style for a little while now because of its casual yet put together look. Yes it can lean towards the cowgirl feel, but I think that if you pair it with the right shoes and accessories, it can be pulled off as a fashion statement. I kept the accessories simple here and wore this outfit without a belt because I felt like simple was classier and a belt would have added to the country affect. It’s all about being intentional, you can pull almost anything off as long as you meant to, like this look for instance, its easy to pull off when you realize that you are pairing two identical textures and colors together and go with it, you just have to wear it like you mean it!

p.s went to go see The Help last night for my mother in-law’s birthday…it was so great!! I cried…two thumbs up!

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leah mari said...

jean my favorite material well that and sweat pants lol