Saturday, August 13, 2011


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Tonight Chris and I went to an art show in town that his brother and friends put on.
I wore this jumper I got from Lulu’s last week. I loved it mostly because of its color. This light pink is one of my favorites when it comes to clothing, its really feminine and I feel really pretty in it. 
I couldn’t pass this jumper up because of the way it fit. I have a longer torso, so usually me and jumper’s don’t mix too well. So I was happy to have found one that works.
I chose this outfit for tonight because I knew that it was going to be hot and the material is really light and airy. 
This jumper is great because it can totally be dressed up or down. Tonight I went with a little more dressy, cause after all its Saturday night.
 I paired it with again one of my favorite colors…caramel brown. I seriously own so many accessories in this color. (I love neutral so I tend to go to browns or tans…I’m still learning to branch out)
I think that the light pink and this shade of brown work great together for a summer outfit. I was pleased with the results.
At the art show Chris and I had a great conversation with some friends of ours, where I was given some great advice for my blog (thanks Nicholas)
We also got onto the topic of “why do we love fashion so much?” I thought that it had something to do with being creative. We are creative with so many things in life that we also have to be creative with ourselves and how we look and dress. It was also said that it could be because of an appreciation for the body and how it is presented and taken care of. It was a fun conversation…getting a little philosophical about fashion…I love it!

Me with Lady Gaga (great job Ben!)

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leah mari said...

i love this on you! someday after all my plastic surgery i hope to be able to wear it bahahaa