Friday, August 12, 2011


Just woke up

The last few days were great. We had a blast camping with the people that Chris works with.
Here’s a little dialog to go along with the pictures…
I was convinced not to freeze on this camping trip and so I came prepared with a million layers and two down comforters…we were definitely set!
We spent a lot of the day down by the beach, where I was just a little too comfortable in the shade to go out into the water.
We ate PLENTY of food this trip, which a deer this morning joined in on and let us feed it, kind of cool! You can tell we don’t get out into nature much!
One of the couples that Chris works with celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary while we were camping and planned a vow renewal ceremony, which husband filmed. It was fun, I had never been to a beach wedding before, it was beautiful. We had a celebration dinner for them afterwards where we ate this delicious cake! Yummm!
The trip included late nights at the fire trying to think back on childhood songs and TV shows that we grew up with, we had some great laughs!
When it came time to clean up I got right in there tearing down the tent (man if camping becomes more of a tradition in our family I am definitely investing in one of those pop up tents that folds up with one lift!) I’m serious, it is such a hassle getting tents back in their bags…why do they make them so small?!
And this is what my hands and feet looked like by the end of the trip…DIRTY. Chris and I were both SO ready to be home and to be clean.
I love the outdoors but I’m definitely thankful for fully functioning amenities of our home!!!! And a fresh coat of paint on these bad boys!

Don't know what that little hair on my head is up to but isn't my husband a babe!

Ahh that's better!!
Essie nail polish, Color mint candy apple

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leah mari said...

We had so much fun with you guys there!! i loved it!
love the hand and feet pictures :) so fun and the pretty nails now. :) i was very impressed by your memory of those songs lol.