Friday, July 29, 2011


Shirt wet seal, Skirt H&M, Belt H&M, Shoes spring, Earrings from sister, Cuff gift

Wow, this is really fun! I grew up with a mother who loves taking pictures, which was then transferred down the genes (thanks mom). I love taking pictures and umm getting my picture taken (who knew this would be so fun) My husband has now become my personal photographer (which was made aware to him that being married to me, he would also take on this responsibility) I LOVE the fact that no outfit I put on is no longer wasted. It can be enjoyed by all and documented for me to look back on. I’m really quite enjoying myself!
So here’s to enjoying having your picture taken and not having to pretend that you don’t like the camera (you know who I’m talking to…a certain sister of mine…you know who you are) 

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