Saturday, July 30, 2011


Shirt H&M, Shorts levi cut offs, Shoes tom's

Today a friend and I went garage saling (which seems to not be a word, but lets see if I can say it enough to make it one)
Although I did not find anything for myself, there were a few highlights...
One being the little Chihuahua puppy that was for sale…how cute!!! My friend may or may not have slipped it into her pocket and taken it home with her… 
Second…the dresser that I found for my brother and sister in-law and their soon to be born baby boy’s nursery. Which ended up being free when my brother in-law went back for it…SCORE! I’m such a great aunty already.
Thirdly, my skills with google maps, or lack there of…We may have been saling for a little longer than intended because of my inability to follow a map. However my re-directing skills are perfection, and we saw all side streets available to see. Going from a 2 minute trip to a 8 minute trip is always a good thing, right?

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