Tuesday, March 25, 2014

There's Something About Heels

Shirt thrifted, Pants forever 21, Shoes kohls, Necklace in pink, Nails essie-bikini so teeny

There's something that heels do to an outfit. They add a feel of femininity and can take a bulky cargo pant and make them sleek. I tend to stick to comfort a lot when selecting shoes because I am walking around most of the day, 
however I LOVE the look of heels. So I have been making myself reach for them more often. As soon as I put them on with my outfit I am convinced, and any worry about comfort goes out the window. I am willing to sacrifice the ability to jog across a room for a more elevated look! Who's with me?


RaĆ­ssa said...

I'm with you!
Love comfort, but heels make
a look totally chic!
Nice outfit!!

Lana said...

Thanks Raissa!