Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Currently Into...

I am starting a new series called "Currently Into..." I originally did a post like this (here) to help me with my blogger's block and I received such great feedback about it that I decided to keep it on. I also enjoy it because it's a fun way for you to see beyond my outfit posts and into my personal life a little bit. Let me know in the comments what you think and if any of these things are what you've been into as well!

(from left to right, top to bottom)

New York City, I've been home 4 weeks now, since my trip to New York and I miss it already! I fell in love with that bustling city. My body craves to be walking those streets and the daily adventure of switching from subway to subway. A new part of me came alive there and since being home I have been riding a wave of inspiration that came on while being away, (hoping that it doesn't stop). <image>

I have a pair of faded black denim skinnies that I can't help but reach for every morning! I have to stop myself for the sake of my other jeans feelings... The funny thing is, is that they are an old pair of pants that have genuinely faded over time and I thought had reached their end. But to my excitement I began to see faded black denim time and time again as a fashion statement. Jeans were being bought pre-faded, and where I thought I needed to toss these and get a brand spankin new pair of black skinnies, I pleasantly discovered that in fact they were now a part of the grunge, laid back look. I'm into it! <image>

I am on a brilliant streak of fiction novels right now! I love books (mostly fiction) and when I find a good one it brings a certain excitement that no other thing can. The satisfaction of finishing a well written, great story is like magic. My heart gets all warm and I feel inspired. So if you haven't already, I highly recommend this book. It's witty, with a little bit of mystery and an oh so cool San Francisco setting. Read it! <image>

When I was in New York there was a waitress at a restaurant that had the most gorgeous skin! She confessed to us that she had stopped wearing foundation and her skin brightened because of it. Since then, I have felt inspired to try this "no foundation" concept. My face has been going commando all week and I'm still waiting to make my decision as to what I think...stay tuned! <image>

I have had a slight obsession with oatmeal recently and a determination to create the perfect bowl at home! Don't know where this idea was put into my head, but it's in there and it just won't quit! So onward I go, working to achieve the perfect combination of thickness and chew. <image>

As some of you may know, dance is a huge passion of mine. One that I have been dedicating myself to over the last few years. I come alive when I dance and I feel a part of myself is expressed that is only possible through my movement. I spend hours in class each week but recently I have felt a pull on my heart to choreograph! I feel that there is something in me that needs to come out and I have to let it out. So I have a goal to create a piece that does just that. I'm pretty critical when it comes to choreographing, and can be pretty hard on myself, so I know that it is going to be a challenge. But at the same time, I know that it will be really good for me and will bring me to another level in my skill. So here goes nothing, I'm just gonna go for it! <image>

I watched a lot of Seinfeld growing up, mostly with my brothers, so this show has a lot of nostalgic feelings behind it. And recently I have craved it's dry, sarcastic humor. It brings back memories of my childhood and makes me appreciate the hours that my brothers had control of the remote. Although, at the time my feelings were not as pleasant! I would have rather been watching Full House or Clueless, but I was forced to watch their favorite sitcoms, which I am now grateful for, as it has created an appreciation and warm memory that I otherwise would not have had. So thanks brothers!! You are responsible for my affection for Indiana Jones, Star Wars, James Bond and the list goes on. <image>

One of the newest additions in our home has been our dining room table. Recently our friend built us a table top that we placed on top of legs that we bought at ikea. It is simple and slightly rustic and the perfect sized workspace to be able to spread out on. Now on the horizon is finding the perfect chairs to place at either end. I'm thinking lucite chairs, a modern contrast to the rugged wood. <image>

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Danae Carson said...

LOVE THIS!!! I'm a HUGE fan of cities and city life especially New York City. Whenever I visit I totally feel inspired and just stirred. Cities just do that for me! I totally get the fiction kick! I'm currently working through a novel titled White Teeth that is strangely interesting. Haven't really come to a full conclusion on how I feel about it BUT I find myself appreciating the author's writing technique. I can just relate to this post as an advent lover of oatmeal yum yum. I often pair it with a fruit flavored yogurt, vanilla Greek yogurt and fresh fruit, raisins and occasionally granola :)