Monday, September 30, 2013

What I've Been Thinking About Lately...

I've been having a hard time lately here on the ol' blog front. I've been feeling uninspired, lacking a vision or a clear idea of what I want to post. So in the midst of this lull and blogger's block, I thought I'd let you into my thoughts and to what I've been thinking about lately. And hopefully it might help inspire a thread of sheer genius over here!

(from left to right, top to bottom)

Plants, lots and lots of plants! They have been consuming my thoughts as I try to find the perfect one to put in the corner of our living room. And wondering if they are transitional enough to be in the same room as a Christmas tree... <image>

Paris!!! You are a beacon on a hill, a place of wonder and excitement. I daydream of the day that I get to walk your streets. If you do not know, well now you know, Paris is my creme dela creme at the moment, the place that I want to go to most right now. And just so happens to be on my pre baby bucket list! And so the hub's is all in on this vacation dream, cause he wants a bun in that oven!!! So i'm pretty sure its going to happen, its just a matter of the mula! Come on Jesus!! I seriously feel so romantically attached to this city, and feel that a part of me will come alive when I spend time there. I kinda feel like a part of every woman would come alive in Paris...just saying! My womb and my womanhood are on the line here!! <image>

Structured wool coats! Thats like all I want right now for fall. Gimme those beautiful coats! If you have to be cold you might as well look fabulous doing it! And I am just so over cheap jackets, those ones that just look cheap. I've tried getting away with it in the past seasons, but no matter how new the coat is, its like as soon as it hits my body, instant pill!!! geesh. So the solution is, nice new expensive-ish wool coats!! Come to me!!! <image>

Can I just come to some sort of finish line with the decor in my home!!! I want to print pictures and put those printed pictures into frames and then hammer nails and get those framed pictures onto my walls!!! I want our fabulous apartment to feel fabulous and so I've just been daydreaming about those finishing touches and details that will make our home feel like home! <image>

Mmm costume jewelry I want to own you. Big statement earrings and necklaces is what I crave. And if I could just focus for a moment when our paychecks come in and refrain from buying a piece of clothing and make myself spend all my spending money on a pair of earrings I may one day own you!! Oh how I wish I could wear you with a turtle neck and dark berry lip! <image>

More thoughts of decorating. Filling our home with fall. Pumpkins, pine cones, and smelly candles. I found this strand inspiring. <image>

The weather is getting gloomier and colder and so it makes me wish I could stay at home and bake scrumptious hot pies and things like that. Especially if I can cover them in powdered sugar, that just makes it extra special! <image>

More plants...I told you they were on my mind!! <image>

I am dreaming of a cozy cottage wrapped in winter. I am counting the days until Christmas. Because Christmas means I get to see my Canadian family and I miss them sooooo!!! Bring on the snowflakes and laugh snorts! I am craving my family!! <image>

Babies, oh babies!! (que the Paris photo) Although Chris and I are still waiting to have kids, I am definitely looking forward to the day that we start building our family. I can feel the mother within me and she feels so warm and loving and is looking for a little chubby baby to nestle her heart into!!! Mmm I can smell the sweet baby skin already. (sigh) one day, one day!! <image>

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Danae Carson said...

This is brilliant!! Absolutely love the vulnerability of this post in sharing the day dreams that fill your thoughts. It's glorious!