Friday, August 30, 2013

Photo Diary-London

Oh London, how gorgeous you are!! Your winding spidery streets, your cool stone buildings. Throughout the hustle and bustle you carry a sense of beauty and intrigue. There is an air of imagination and a memory of a pleasant daydream within you.

Although our time in London was short and sweet, we saw quite a lot and got to experience so much of what it holds. But even still I don't think we even scratched the surface!
Out of all the places that we saw, I came away with a couple of favorites. Notting HIll, your beautiful rows of white stone captured my heart, along with Portobello Market and its quaint charm.
And Borough Market! Your coffee, your cheese shops, your picturesque pubs nestled into corners, I could browse your streets for hours!!

What a great time that we had, I already look forward to our next visit.
A special thanks to Dave, Florrie and Claire for sharing your beautiful City/Country with us!!

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