Thursday, August 22, 2013

Making Waves

Shirt forever 21, Pants thrifted (h&m), Shoes ross

When in London, I saw a girl wearing an outfit just like once we got home I had to recreate it. I am so thankful for big cities and the outfit combinations it inspires!!
On another hair. I have always had the hardest time curling my hair! I had finally come to the conclusion that I would just be one of those girls that doesn't curl their hair! But at last, I found my rhythm and I discovered that I too could join the world of beautiful bouncy waves. Here was my solution:
1. Buy a good quality curling iron
2. Remove the clamp so that it is just a curling wand
3. Get my hair cut in layers (makes a huge difference in the way the curls fall)
4. Curl the opposite way on the right side of your head. This felt so wrong but I finally tried it and it was right. You want the curls to curl away from your face and the left side will curl away when you wrap the hair away from your face, but the right side will not curl away unless you wrap the hair into your face...does that make sense?
Hopefully that helps and you discover, if you haven't already, that you can have beautiful curly locks as well!!

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