Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Lesson in Harem Pants

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When styling up harem pants you have to be aware of the proportions. When I first wore these here, I paired them with a heel. Therefore I wore the pants lower down on my hips because the heels helped to create a longer line. However when I styled them this time I wanted to create a casual outfit, so with the flat sneakers I pulled the pants higher up on my hips because if worn down low with a low shoe, it would have made my proportions too bulky and heavy on the bottom. With harem pants, especially acid wash denim ones that are probably from the eighties, you also have to be aware that they are an "old" style and in order to pull them into this century you have to pick an item that holds enough interest and currentness. The first time, I wore a prabal gurung strappy patent heel that are in themselves show stoppers and this time I wore a sequined striped top, adding enough glitz to the pants so that they don't just look like a frumpy mess.
So, I hope that helps you attempt harem pants. They are so fun and comfy and with the right techniques, you'll be able to pull them off!
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