Monday, April 15, 2013

i'm back and in camo

Shirt target (mens), Shorts forever 21, Shoes zara (old)

Good Morning!!!
Sorry for such a long break between posts, things have been a little crazy on this side! My dear darling Christopher left for a trip to Puerto Rico at the same time that we were moving to a new apartment. So, the day that he left an amazing group of friends helped me move all but 3 blocks up the street to our new apartment. It was crazy to see our entire lives fit into 3 trips in 5 cars! Over this past week and a half I have been slowly unpacking and last night I officially unpacked my very last box. Which is very convenient because Chris gets home tonight!! I can't wait to show him our new home! It will be so great to have a new place to create memories (a much larger place at that!!). It has been so fun setting up house, with a more distinct style. When we first got married we didn't quite know what our decor style was and it was more of a mish mash of things that we accumulated as newly weds. But now we have grown together and figured out what our style is and so were able to pick out specific pieces for our home and make it something special. I hope to show pictures on my blog of our place once its all set up, hopefully that will be sooner than later. There are a few specific pieces I am still keeping my eye out for to finish off the space!!
So there you have it, thats where I've been! So excited to be back to the blogging world!

This outfit was from Chris and I's last full day together before he left. We spent the afternoon walking through treed neighborhoods, sipping coffee at a new place in town, reading our books, sprawled out in the sunshine and finished it off with a dinner out (outfit from our dinner coming soon). It was one of those days that you look back at and think, wow what a perfectly perfect day!!
Chris and I definitely both have this camo shirt, as it is from the men's section at target. But I had been wanting one for quite awhile and when he came home with this one I knew I had to snatch it up too!! I have been drawn to masculine/sporty shirts recently. I love their edge and effortless-ness when either paired with a boyfriend jean or a heel and rhinestone necklace! I feel laid back but still current, you can throw this on as easy as an old pajama shirt but still be fashion forward, which is pretty great!

This post has become longer than my arm so I better stop now...if your even still reading this!! Sorry, I become long winded when I've been away for so long!
So, glad to be back, I hope that you are all still there!
Thanks for reading


misscuspic said...

I missed reading....Glad you are back! I thought there was something wrong with my computer!

Lana said...

Thanks misscuspic!!! I'm glad to be back!! Thanks for reading:))