Monday, March 4, 2013

white and denim

Shirt forever 21, Necklace in pink, Pants pac sun, Jacket asos, Boots forever 21, Belt h&m, Sunglasses juicy couture

There's something about the combination of white and denim that always inspires me. The crispness of the white and blue must be a pleasing color scheme to the eyes or something, cause it always makes me happy!
Anyways, this is what I wore on our first day in Napa (from our trip a couple of weeks back). Dressing for Napa was interesting. Both Chris and I found that we had to think of outfits that were sophisticated enough for the poshness of Napa, but that also felt laid back enough to fit in with the country-side. And since neither of us wear linen suits we had to come up with a compromise! I felt pretty comfortable with the selections that I made! What do you think?

Photos taken by Leah Valenzuela 

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