Wednesday, January 2, 2013

last night

Sweater ross, Pants h&m, Boots urban outfitters, Necklace gift, Lips mac-snob

Sadly it is our last night here with my family. It has been such a great time filled with a lot of eating, relaxing and just really good family time! I will miss them so much and am so thankful for them and for being able to stay so close while living so far away from each other!! Love you family!!
While my limbs will be happier in California after one more stop to be with our friends in the next provence over, I will miss my homeland!

I was such a baby when it came to the cold, so posing out in the snow was quickly followed by swaddling myself in blankets and jackets. So these outfits were only seen when we were safe within the warmth of the house or a cozy restaurant.
I love the contrast of the cozy sweater in this outfit mixed with the shiny black faux leather. It's a simple outfit but thats what I like about it. I added a new pendant that my sister made for  me for Christmas...skills!! 
And it adds a touch of interest to a simple sweater, it catches your eye but still keeps the ensemble not too cluttered.

Hope you all had a great holiday. I am excited for a new year and the holidays make me so thankful for the family and friends in my life, both in Canada and California. They bring me so much joy and make my life so much better!! So those of you who are reading, I love you so much and am so thankful for you!! Happy New Year!

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HOTT!!!! smoking hott.