Monday, January 14, 2013

back in action

Shirt gift (h&m), Pants gift (zara), Boots h&m, Hat gift

Good Morning Everyone!!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately, Chris and I were finishing off our time in Canada, but we are finally back in California and although it was sad to leave our family and friends, I am looking forward to getting back into a routine again.
We had such a wonderful time while we were away! We ate a ton!! And spent a lot of time lounging and getting in lots of quality time! I will be sharing photos from our trip on here later on this week.
These camo pants were a gift from Chris' parents for Christmas and I kept reaching for them when getting dressed these last few weeks. Their pattern is neutral enough that it's pairing options seem endless and the print is so interesting that I felt so confident every time I wore them. It's one of those items that every time you wear it, you feel good because you know they look great!
Happy Monday everyone. Hope you have a great week!!

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leah mari said...

what a cute outfit. and i love the red door