Tuesday, December 11, 2012

bow's all around

Sweater lulu's, Shirt forever 21, Pants h&m, Boots forever 21, Earrings (sister's)

I finally landed myself a perfect pair of burgundy pants. I found these at H&M. I hate when pants are baggy around my knees (which is what I kept running into when searching for this shade) but these fit great!
Now for this sweater, I'm pretty sure I was sweaty all day!! HAHA, I think I was needing a little cooler temperatures or perhaps a building that was not blasting the heat like it was 40 below or something!! However, I stuck it out and kept getting comments on how soft this sweater was followed by a few pets down the arm...I don't mind!
And just a tip, apparently there is an identical sweater roaming the aisles of TJ Maxx, so you may want to give that a little look see.
Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet??
14 days until Christmas!!! 

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leah mari said...

That's a super cute cozy outfit love it