Thursday, November 15, 2012

closet sale

Jacket second hand (similar here), Shirt target, Pants forever 21, Boots urban outfitters, Earrings second hand

This past weekend I was a part of a closet sale. Which for those of you that don't know, is where you sell items from your closet that you no longer want, instead of just giving them away. A friend of mine got together a group of girls that were wanting to contribute and she created a store in her living room where girls came and shopped. It was such a great idea. I ended up making a little money and also finding a few items myself. This blazer and earrings are two of the things that I found (thank you Jenna) and for so cheap. I sold almost all of the things that I brought and whatever was left over was donated.
It definitely motivated me to go through my clothes and part with things that had been just sitting in my closet for far too long!!
As for this outfit, I love the plaid of this jacket and although it is not quite my size I couldn't turn down its beautiful pattern. So to help with its size, I added a heel to balance out the shape and then with the earrings it created an edginess to my look that could allow a larger fit on top.
Happy Thursday!!!
And just in case you were unaware, Thanksgiving is in a week!!! Which means Christmas is almost here!!!! I want my tree up, like NOW!!!
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misscuspic said...

I love this look.....I used to wear a larger jacket and wear over a fitted black dress with tights and boots....

Lana said...

Thanks misscuspic! That sounds like a cute way to wear a large blazer too!!

leah mari said...

Hott! I love the blazer!