Tuesday, October 2, 2012

value of an item

Shirt goodwill, Shorts buffalo exchange, Shoes target, Belt thrifted, Bracelets-white thrifted, spikes gift (forever 21)

I have never been a huge fan of black and pink for some reason, but these shorts seem to sway me in any direction. I was thinking about how much wear I have gotten out of this one item. I paid $7 for these shorts and by far I have gotten my money's worth. Have you ever done that before with an article of clothing that you are buying, debating over wether or not you should get it, you think about how often you will wear it and basically divide up the price by how many times you put it on. That item then gets a value for every time you take it out of your closet, either becoming worth it or not, depending on if you actually wear it!I was talking with a friend last night about how happy I am that I know how to shop so much better than I used to. I was so overwhelmed before when going into stores that I would end up walking out with items that I didn't like a day later. Instead of going in with intention to find specific items, I would grab anything that I thought looked cute right there. Now I have a mental list of the items that I want for that season and I have a better eye for quality pieces that I can disregard the things that appear to be nice but at a closer glance and look into the future they are merely just fluff. I also have a tip that when shopping, you will like an item the most in the dressing room. If you are doubting it in the dressing room you are going to hate it at home. So when shopping and I am debating over something in the dressing room, I put it aside and wait until I put something on that I love, because then when I get it home, I'll know with confidence that I like it!Happy Tuesday!!

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leah mari said...

Legs for days :-) I love that material on you :)