Thursday, October 11, 2012

recent purchases

Good Morning All!
Here's another recent purchases post for you. I have realized alongside others who have been reading my blog, that The Goodwill in town has become my place to find the most wonderful treasures. Most of my posts include at least one piece if not more from that glorious store. So thank you Goodwill for supporting and making this blog possible!!

I wasn't so sure if I should get this sweater because its wool and a little itchy. But the price and the color and the chinky-ness made me go for it. So glad I did and am looking forward to wearing it in the chilly months ahead!
The Goodwill-$1

Mmmm chunky knits you are my favorite. This one has a gold thread weaved throughout and so when the sun hits it, it gives off a little's fantastic. I have already worn this layered over top of a flannel button up with the collar and hem sticking out. I also plan on wearing it with a pair of army green skinnies and black biker boots.
The Goodwill-$1

This is my replacement and cheaper version of this ring. Slightly different and slightly less real, but I feel like it accomplishes that same architectural look. Target-$4

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