Tuesday, October 9, 2012

french braids and lace

Shirt goodwill, Jeans pac sun, Shoes thrifted, Necklace goodwill

There is something about having my hair in french braids! I think it brings me back to childhood or something, because instantly it makes me want to run and play because I know my hair is going to be out of the way. Its like that same feeling I get when I have leggings on, I feel like I can do anything, like over-my-head kicks in the air or cartwheels...oh the wonders of being a girl!!
I wore this to a friends bridal shower this weekend. Black lace always seems to be a must for that!
Happy Tuesday Friends!


leah mari said...

Oh I love the lace and braids!!

Anonymous said...

Your hair and make up is always flawless, you should do post on how you do them :)

Lana said...

Thanks ladies! I have thought about doing hair posts...I will work on that!