Thursday, August 30, 2012


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Confessions: Slight obsession going on over here for the goodwill!!! It's alright though, cause I'm getting the deals big time!!
Boyfriend jeans are the best, they are so comfortable and besides getting over the fact of feeling frumpy, but not actually looking it (thanks hubby for the encouragement) when done right your look oh so fashionable!!
For the perfect pair, I looked through the racks in a couple of sizes up, I then took a serrated knife and distressed these myself (being inspired by this lovely pair)
My favorite way to wear them and see them worn is with heels, but I have paired them with a nice leopard loafer as well. I think the heels add a feminine touch to the otherwise boy-ish figure. However, also paired with a silky blouse it is a nice contrast against the torn denim. I love this shirt because in some glances it looks like leather. Another gem found in the trenches of the goodwill...Oh Lord I love that store!!
Hope you all have a good Thursday! It's Friday today for me and our good friends are in town so I am looking forward to spending some quality time with them!!
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