Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Shirt thrifted, Shorts buffalo exchange, Shoes target, Necklace suzy shier, Sunglasses juicy couture

I love it when I find a good sale, when something that I have been eyeing finally bares the glorious red tag!! These shoes have been on my check list for a while, every time I would head into target I checked to see if their price had dropped!! And finally, yes!! They were on sale!!
So I got them and they have been on repeat ever since. Thanks target!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Nancy said...

Love the shoes! A good call to wait on those, they are great!

Lana said...

Thanks Nancy! They are already a closet favorite!!

leah mari said...

Hehe retail therapy

Lana said...

Yup!! Can't seem to get away from it!!