Monday, August 13, 2012


Here are my go to summer up-do hairstyles. Three easy ways to throw your hair up when you are heading out to see friends or going to a party.
Let's start with the first look:

Hairstyle #1-Half up
This summer we had a lot of weddings to go to and this look was my go-to for a formal affair. The weddings were usually in the evening and so it was an easy way for me to transition from day hair to night. The clip that I used is my favorite (which I recently have lost and so am scrounging the stores to try and find some replacements) They close on each side and so they keep your hair secure. I like to keep mine a little tousled, it keeps it summery and light.

Hairstyle #2-Ponytail Braid
This hairstyle was a good alternative to a ponytail or messy bun for those casual days. It was just as easy and looked as if more effort was applied! I like it's sporty feel and yet braids always make me feel girly. It was my go-to for running around doing errands and I have even dressed it up before for a friends party. It's a great transition hairstyle.

Hairstyle #3-Sock Bun
And finally, the sock bun. Thank you to my husband for sacrificing his sock for this look. I love this trend and look because, again, its super easy. This is the look I go to when I just do not want to do my hair in the morning...which is often!! It's another look that appears to have taken hours but really it took only minutes. It adds a feminine touch to an outfit, it makes me feel pretty! If you haven't tried it yet, just go ahead and fall into this trend, you wont want to stop once your in!!

Hope you enjoyed this hair post. Leave me a comment of which one is your favorite or if there are any other go-to hairstyles that you like.
Happy Monday!
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Gabrielle said...

I love all 3 styles, but I really love the Braided Ponytail! Such a great way to add something extra to the normal ponytail look!

Lana said...

Thanks Gabrielle,
that's what I thought too!

leah mari said...

Super cute :) I love me a sock bun!!!

Lana said...

Yes!! Sock bun wins everytime!!