Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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This is wedding season let me tell you!! Already we have been to two and there are still two more invites this summer. I love weddings though, I think that they are the perfect party. You get to dress up, and nothing is too fancy because it is a wedding. The decorations and setting are going to be beautiful. There's free food!! (my fave), dancing and usually a group of people that you love! Believe me, I have considered becoming a wedding crasher...
I got this dress a couple of years ago and don't get a lot of chances to wear it. It, however is the perfect summertime dress, with it's pale pink color and chiffon ruffle detail, I was excited that I finally had an opportunity to wear it. I had thought of buying a new dress for a wedding that we were going to down south, but then when searching through my closet I remembered that this one hasn't had its full rotation yet. (I have a thing about dresses appearing more than once to special occasions) It was a beautiful wedding! I cried and shared lots and lots of hugs and smiles with the bride and groom.
Congratulations Aaron and Natalie, so glad that we got to be there for your special day!!

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leah mari said...

You are looking stunning in this!