Monday, June 11, 2012


Happy Monday everyone!! Hope you all had a great weekend!! Welcome back to the continuation of our Southern California diaries. Today was our beach day. Glorious!!! We drove across to Coronado Island and laid out at imperial beach. We hadn't realized this till afterwards, that this beach was quite the hot spot, luckily we had driven a little further down and ended up in a pretty secluded spot and avoided the large memorial day crazy crowds!! The breeze off of the water was gorgeous!! However it caused us to not feel the heat of the sun resulting in burn numero dos this summer, thank the lord i've got tough skin!! We both felt refreshed after our laying around, we had reached our point of exhaustion and it felt so good to stay in one spot for a couple of hours.

Bathing Suit old navy, Cover-Up target

I had been wanting a cover up for the lake this summer and right before our trip Chris and I cleaned out our closet to bring stuff to buffalo exchange. I found this top that I never wore anymore and when glancing at it I had a thought that it might work as a cover-up. I tried it out and oila, it worked. Its sheer so it makes it nice to wear even in the heat. I'm glad that I got to still find some use in it!

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leah mari said...

Oh I love the beach and y'all look hotttt. You suit is super cute. Hotness