Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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Three cheers for being up since 4:30 this morning because of!! That awful feeling of waking up not being able to breathe from your nose and the panicy feeling you get when you feel that you are going to forget how to breath all together, and so of course you can't fall back asleep, and the only solution is to get up and do the dishes and try for the 10th time to get that neti pot to work, only to still have a clogged nose and you've used up one more roll of toilet paper, blowing endless amounts of...wait is this getting too graphic??
But maybe you are getting my point. It was not a restful night, but to you bloggers who kept me occupied while I breathed slowly in and out of my mouth, as glimpses of hope and clarity came to my nose, I thank you.

Ugh that was awful!!

I think the worst part of it is, is not being able to taste anything...what is the point (other than the obvious) of eating and not being able to taste it?? Torture!! Those delicious fish taco's I made last night...nothing!! Only a pure memory of what they tasted like when I first tried them:(

But as I sit here eating my tasteless cinnamon toast and drinking my hot water...I mean coffee, lets discuss the outfit.

This shirt is another item I recently thrifted. It is a ladies extra large, but its size makes it work as a shift shirt.
I heard from a blogger recently that when thrifting, she wont look at sizes of clothes, because things are made in different years and the way a size fits can change depending on when it is from. I completely agree with this, also for the fact that, like in this example, a larger size than your usual, can actually work to create a different shape than perhaps the shirt was originally made for. You can get away with a larger, looser shirt, especially since that shape is in.

Thanks for reading
I hope that wherever you are, your nasal passages are free and clear!!

If not, I will let you know if I find any secret weapon to kick this pollen in the butt!!

Happy Wednesday!!


leah mari said...

ugh im so sorry!!! but your hilarious talking about it ;) and look adorable with little sleep!

leah mari said...

ok yes i realize this picture is from before but i still know you loo adorable ;)