Thursday, April 26, 2012


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For those of you who read my post yesterday, you will know that I was more than annoyed with my allergies. Completely done with the sleepless nights and not being able to breath!!
However, my prayers were answered...enter Xylitol sinus nasal spray!!
My friend told me about this stuff and it is really great!! I got it from our local natural grocery store. It's an all natural spray, and it really works!! Almost immediately and it has saved my sanity. So those of you who are struggling with allergy season, give it a try.

On another note, I decided to wear leather shorts on a very warm day and let me tell you, other than looking cute, they are trouble!! Sticky situations were my downfall that day and getting in and out of my car, leather on leather...not a graceful situation there!!
But their buttery brown material always gets me excited. Still so happy that I purchased these last fall. You know its a good buy, when you thank yourself every time you see that item in your closet, these for sure I have given myself several pats on the back for. Thank you Lana, for the investment that you have made into these shorts, that you will forever reap from!

Happy Thursday
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leah mari said...

so glad that stuff is helping you some.