Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Sweater H&M, T-Shirt lulu's, Pants forever 21, Shoes thrifted, Watch target, Earrings target

Layering is such a fun thing. I feel like I have come such a long way from long cami's and tight v-neck shirts. No longer do I just throw on an under shirt to hide anything that the top shirt doesn't cover. But instead everything that I put on is part of my outfit and is intentional (well except for those days when I just don't care and anything will do to get me out the door....)
But I'm just saying that I've grown to experiment more with my clothing and I think a big thanks for that is this blog. Knowing that I'll be taking a picture of my outfit, inspires me to create an outfit rather than just throw something on. I have grown to be more courageous with my outfits and wear what I want because I want to, not necessarily because thats what is "normal" in my environment. I'm beginning to be adventurous and not care what others may think.
All of that has stemmed from my attempt at laying with looser tops rather than one long and one short one...hmmm I think I may be in a thoughtful mood!
So for my outfit, I layered these loose shirts over top one another and I love their flowy look. I put them on top of some skinnies to balance the larger top. It's getting a little chilly here, so I pulled on some nylons underneath my pants for warmth and finished the outfit off with my kitten heels. The heels help the shirts and cuffed jeans not look frumpy (yet again) (I love these shoes!!)
Well there are my thoughts for today. Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday. I know that I will be spending mine at work where I will be wrapping my boss' Christmas presents (best time of year) and getting random flashes of the realization that Christmas is, oh my goodness, in the 5 days!!!
Thanks for reading!!!

Photos by my dear friend Fontella!

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