Friday, December 16, 2011


Sweater pac sun, Button up H&M, Pants forever 21, Heels thrifted, Necklaces vintage, H&M, Cuff gift, Watch target, Glasses perry ellis

Classin up my cargo skinnies with my suede kitten heels. They help these pants seem more sleek as apposed to bulky.
One of my favorite colors to wear is white, so layering two different textures in the color was a great combo for me. And pairing it with gold jewelry kept the top of my outfit soft against my army green pants.
If you've noticed in my recent post's, I've been wearing my glasses a lot...thats cause this girl lost her contacts prescription and I'm pretty sure I should no longer be wearing my 6 month old contacts...I for-see much pain and hospital glasses it will be until I get my lazy butt to the optometrist. And until then I will pretend like I can see the camera as I remove my glasses for the photo shoot...HA!!

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