Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Shirt lulu's, Shorts old cut offs, Shoes urban outfitters, Necklace from sister in-law, Cuff gift

Today my husband’s brother and girlfriend flew in from New Jersey to visit. Yippee, I love when family comes to town! Our night was filled with fun including a very intense game of jenga. There’s nothing like the satisfying feeling of blocks crashing on the table when the other team pulled the wrong one and yelling JENGA!!
I also went into the college in town today to enroll for some dance classes. It was an interesting feeling being in a college, talking to counselors and filling out registration forms…Its crazy how from the outside the life of a college student seems so glamorous and appealing, but the moment you hand me a study guide and the outline for a term paper…I’m outta there! I’m glad my classes are purely for pleasure. I’m not saying that I wont ever go to college, if there was ever something that I wanted to do that I loved enough I would definitely go to school for it. But for now, I’ll just keep looking in from the outside, picturing myself bustling through the halls with cozy scarves around my neck, glasses on my eyes and the most perfect bag to hold all my books, that sounds about right, right?

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