Monday, August 1, 2011


Essie nail polish, Color sand tropez

Today was another lazy day that was spent lounging with my mother in-law watching the season finale of the bachelorette. Drama, drama, drama…why do I enjoy you so?? All I have to say is that I was a little shocked and would have picked differently, but what do I know…
On another note, here is my new found obsession…painting my nails and essie nail polish…I know I know, its nothing new to some of you but the satisfaction and girly affect of having a fresh coat of pretty colored nail polish on your finger tips each week is utterly perfect. A few other reasons why I love essie so much is that they have the most petite and wonderfully square bottles (I am married to a graphic designer so I’m a sucker for great marketing and fonts and he agrees that the bottles are pretty). Another is how excited my husband got when I told him of my recent fetish, which makes it even more appealing to keep up the manicures! Oh the things that please!

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