Thursday, August 4, 2011


Shirt pac sun, Skirt forever 21, Belt thrifted, Watch target, Bracelets gift, Earrings from sister

The past two days my outfit has been saved by a belt. In a rush to get out of the door to work and putting on what looked good in my head, only the find that something was a little off, a belt came to my rescue. It perfectly cinched what needed to be, helping make what looked a little boxy more refined.  I find myself not wanting to go to this look too often because I feel like it can be a little overdone, but with that said, when it works it just works. Thanks belt, for being there when I need you!


Leisha Shram said...

LOVELY! So I have a style question: I love the belted look, however I usually need to wear a belt with pants etc due to my awesome booty, but I feel like a belt around my pants, AND at my waist is overkill....but how do I keep my pants on?

Bonjour said...

YES! I have totally experienced this...I would definitely say to not let both belts will be a little much. You could do a couple of things. Either have a long enough shirt that you cant see the belt around your pants, wear a long camisole under your shirt so that you can pull that around your pants to cover anything that is not wanting to be seen and go without a belt on your pants or get pants that can be hiked a little higher and avoid the belt.
If i know that i'm going to be wearing a belt around my shirt i try to stick to the pants that wont require a belt. Hope that helps:)
Love you girl!!!

Lana Cruz said...

P.s. bonjour is Lana...