Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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This past Sunday I helped host a baby shower for my brother and sister in-law. I was in charge of the d├ęcor (which I have so much fun doing) and I pulled out all sorts of craftiness!
My whole look was based around quickness and efficiency. I knew that I was going to be busy setting up and would have limited amount of time to get ready so I chose this maxi dress because it’s just one piece of clothing, so its easy to slip on and with its lace detail it needs little accessories.
I found a tutorial online for this hairstyle from one of my favorites bjonestyle and honestly it was so fast and easy I was dressed and primped in less than 10 minutes. How great is that! And the headband was enough of an accessory that I felt that I could get away without earrings or a necklace.

I made a diaper cake for the mommy to be. I had never made or seen one done before, but after searching online I found them to be pretty common. They are a great gift for a new mom, cause you're always going to be needing diapers!
It's super simple! I've taken pictures below to show my step by step process.
1. Start off with some diapers. Roll them up and secure the bundle with an elastic band.
2. Place the first bundle around a bottle to support the cake.
3. Add an outside layer to the bottom
4. Add the middle layer
5. And finally the top layer.
Then you can decorate the cake with ribbon and other baby objects. I will let you in on a little decorating secret...I use old t-shirts as ribbon! I have a bag of clothes that I'm getting rid of and because of my procrastination they are still sitting in my closet. So, one day when I realized that I didn't have any ribbon to wrap a present it dawned on me to use a shirt and it has become such a cheap way to wrap gifts! Its a revelation!!

I also saw online a word made with wire and wrapped in fabric or ribbon. So I spelled out the babies name to hang in a large frame at the party. Again I used an old shirt! (once the strip is cut from the shirt I pull on both ends to make it even skinnier and longer)
1. You will need some wire
2. Use fabric or ribbon to wrap the wire letters
3. Wrap the letter. When starting off, hold the end on the wire and wrap the fabric around the end of the fabric and continue on
4. Once you reach the end, leave about 1/4" of wire exposed and fold it back over the fabric. This will hold the end in place. Then cut off the excess fabric. 

Here's a few pics of some details at the party. It was a great shower and I CANNOT  wait to meet this little guy! 

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leah mari said...

You did such a great job and you look so beautiful!!