Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pinsperation- Stripes

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I love going back to my pinterest boards and perusing the things that I have pinned. I get a sense of satisfaction as I scroll through and feel as though I am looking at me, my style and my taste. That is why pinterest is so great, you pin picture after picture, but when you actually stop and look at them all together you find a common thread between it all that is significantly you. It really is inspiring, and you may discover that you know yourself better than you think.
As I did that this morning, I discovered that I REALLY like stripes! Unconsciously I am drawn to them, their nautical, classic pattern just does something to me. And frustratingly enough, I always seem to be on a hunt for the perfect striped shirt. If I glance the black and white peeking out on a rack in a store I immediately investigate to see if I have indeed found it. However, they never seem to be just right. Either they are too short, too thin, not the right type of stripe, or have an unnecessary embellishment! So the search continues, and in the mean time, I will just be over here, staring at my pinterest!

Happy Tuesday everyone. And happy pinning!

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