Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Family Thanksgiving

Sorry for my absence! But things have been a little wild over here! From dancing my butt off for The Nutcracker to family coming to town for the holidays, it has caused a lack in my blogging...hmm priorities!
Anyways, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving break this past week. My brother in-law came to town and so of course the entire family spent every single minute together and moved everywhere around town in a little heard, it was glorious family time. From multiple games of heated monopoly deal, to black friday shopping all together (where I did not buy a pair of perfectly distressed jeans that will forever haunt me and a selfie to continuously torture myself with). Coffee dates and nature walks, football games and lots and lots of burgers!!! What a wonderful time we had. It was a great way to kick start this holiday season, now if only I could get my Christmas tree up!!
Happy Holiday Season to you all!!!

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