Monday, June 24, 2013

Flower Crown Birthday

Dress forever 21, Crown diy (from sister), Lips mac-show orchid

Last weekend was my birthday, and the only thing that I knew, was that I wanted to wear a flower crown (inner hippy). And when my dear sister in-law offered to make me one, I said yes, of course! She did such a beautiful job.
We had a party under twinkly lights with tables in all white linen's. Drank wine, ate cheese, listened to old jazzy tunes. I even went up against some girlfriends in a game of bocce ball. I had such a wonderful time, I mean with that combination who couldn't.
So here's to 25, its going to be a good year!

1 comment:

misscuspic said...

you look like a beautiful hawaiian princess.....celebrating your inner hippy never looked so good!