Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dress Weather

Dress joe fresh (jc penny)

This past weekend Chris and I went into San Francisco, yet again! It was a couple's weekend this time, and our dear friend knew people in the city that let us stay in their stunning home while they were out of town. Chris and I had always dreamed about what these exquisite victorian houses looked like on the inside and this weekend our imaginations were finally quenched. It was so fun to experience the city with friends! To show them gems that we had found on our past trip and to be exposed to new and hidden places that we had never seen before. The weather was beautiful this first day, so I was able to wear my new dress. I love the intentional loose fit that it has, keeping it a laid back version of the silhouette, as apposed to a tighter version that would have been slightly fancier. Oh and another bonus, it has pockets (why is that always a selling factor??)
P.S. how cute is this patio!!
Happy tuesday friends xoxo

Photo's taken by Melissa

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